Keith Urban Reveals Hottest 'Idol' Judge


With American Idol's season premiere less than a week away, ET's Rocsi Diaz sat down with judges Keith Urban and Randy Jackson to get their take on the upcoming season and the highly publicized feud between fellow panel members Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

Keith admitted that things felt "a bit surreal" the first few days at Idol, but says he's since settled into his new role as a judge. "I mean the way I look at it is you've got four really passionate people -- and we are genuinely -- and we're all artists, so we're all sensitive darlings, all of us." 

VIDEO: Keith Urban Responds to American Idol Fight

He likened the experience to a bunch of people being thrown onto a dance floor with no specific directions or choreography.
Keith was also asked directly about reported cat fights between Mariah and Nicki. "Of course some toes get stepped on, and we try and figure it out," he said. "But then we get a groove, and I think we have a good groove going."

When Rocsi suggested to Keith that he's clearly "the hottest judge" on the panel, he responded, "No, that's Randy. He's just it -- he's the fashionista."

VIDEO: Nicki Minaj on Idol Drama: There is No Feud!

Randy also addressed the quarreling controversy between the judges, but said he thinks things are "all good" now. "You know, for all of the stuff -- the talk and the chatter out there -- it's really good," he said. "I mean, whenever you get a group of people together with that much energy, and that many opinions, and that distinctively different, it's always going to be a little of a dysfunctional happy family. But you know, it's good right now."  

Watch the video for more from the two judges, including Randy's assessment of this year's new crop of talent!

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American Idol returns to FOX Wednesday, January 16 and Thursday January 17 at 8/7c.