Kaling talks 'Mindy Project' Upcoming Guest Stars


Life after The Office has treated Mindy Kaling well.

The multi-talented actress not only stars in her own show The Mindy Project, she is also the creator as well as a producer and a writer on the Fox series.

ET caught up with Mindy in Pasadena at the TCA Winter Press Tour to talk about what it's like balancing all those roles.

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"Writing and acting actually makes it a little bit easier, because I have a direct line to the writer," Mindy said.However, she added that it's hard to "stop thinking about being a producer when I'm on stage, and just kind of giving myself over to the part."

Luckily, the Emmy-nominated actress doesn't feel spread too thin.

"I don't think of them as two different roles anymore... I feel both at the same time."

Mindy also dished on some guest stars she'd like to score for the show.

"I love Danny McBride, and I love Reese Witherspoon," Mindy said. "They're both so funny, and they're both such good actors. I just think they would be a lot of fun to have on set."

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As far as guest stars we can expect to see this season, Mindy dropped one name.

"We have some good guest stars. Seth Rogen is coming to do an episode."

Mindy's pretty excited about that one-- and fans of the pairing will get a chance to see it again this summer, on a bigger screen.

"Seth I love. I'm in his movie [This is the End, out in June]."

The Mindy Project
airs Tuesday nights on Fox. To see more of our TCA interview with Mindy, see the video above.