Recap: 'Bachelor' Sean Whittles Ladies Down to 15


Last week, Bachelor Sean Lowe narrowed 25 beauties down to 19 after a whirlwind night of first impressions. This week, the sexy 26-year-old Texan followed his heart, rather than instinct, as he ventured one step closer towards finding his bride-to-be.

Whisked away by helicopter, Sarah became the envy of the house when she was chosen as the first person to enjoy a one-on-one this week. Not your average first date, the twosome braved a 300-ft freefall before toasting to the future with a glass of champagne, and it seemed the adrenaline rush was just the key to getting Sean's shy date to open up about a heartbreaking incident where she was left embarrassed by her disability. Moved, the bachelor gifted his date with a rose.

Video: Inside 'Bachelor' Sean's Harlequin-Themed Date

Next, 13 ladies were chosen for a romance novel-themed photo shoot date, complete with shirt ripping and tons of exposed skin. Given four themes (Western, vampire, sexy and historical), most were game for the challenge. In the end, professional model Kristy won the Harlequin-sponsored event to score a three book cover deal for her steamy shoot with Sean. She did not, unfortunately, win a rose; Kacie B. took that honor.

Desiree was second to snag a one-on-one with Sean and, to shake it up, the playful bachelor decided to test his date's sense of humor with a prank that, at Desiree's expense, involved staging the destruction of a faux million-dollar work of art. Des kept her cool and passed the test with flying colors, earning her a real date at Sean's pad complete with a home-cooked steak dinner. Sparks flew and the two tossed off their clothes, slipping into the hot tub for a steamy make out session after which Desiree was given a stem.

During the last group date, a new villain emerged among the girls. Amanda became public enemy number one when her unfriendliness had the house wishing adversary Tierra was around to lighten the mood.

Pics: Meet Sean Lowe's Lucky Ladies!

When the time came to bestow the final roses, AshLee, Lindsay, Robyn, Lesley M., Jakie, Selma, Catherine, Kristy, Leslie H., Tierra, Taryn, Daniella and Amanda were granted another week to impress Sean.

Uncomfortable with the competition, Katie L. decided to call it quits during the first of two group dates.

Tune in next Monday for an all-new episode of The Bachelor on ABC.