Woman with Orgasm Disorder Chats with Jeff Probst


Kim Ramsey, who made headlines after revealing that she was diagnosed with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, is opening up to Jeff Probst about the 'tasteless' media attention she's garnered since courageously going public with her medical condition.

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The British-born woman admitted that she would have up to 100 orgasms a day without any sexual arousal due to her rare disorder.

In her sit-down with Probst, Ramsey details the ridicule she's suffered since the headlines: "Friends dropped me; family members stopped speaking to me; people who I work with snickered behind my back or snickered in my face. Getting recognized in the street, that kind of stuff, having reporters outside your front door, having people write your home and tell you that you're possessed with evil spirits. I went from being a regular person to a notorious person and I've done nothing wrong other than have something that is a medical condition."

Watch Ramsey's entire interview on The Jeff Probst Show, Wednesday, January 16. Check your local listings.