Is This The Next Big Reality Show?


Over the years, reality TV has gifted us with countless shows that were clearly combinations of two more popular ones: American Idol and The Voice gave birth to Duets, Jersey Shore and Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo inspired Buckwild, Project Runway and Shark Tank led to Fashion Star; the list goes on and on. And given the popularity of Teen Mom and Wife Swap, I think two guys from Holland have just discovered the next great reality show.

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Dutch presenting duo Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno recently volunteered to experience labor pains for a skit on their TV show, and the resulting video has gone viral to the tune on more than 2 million views.

By hooking electrodes up to their abdomens to replicate the contractions that come from childbirth, the guys clearly learned delivery is a pain in the ass. And the stomach. And the back. And .... everywhere.

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Moments before the stunt began, Zena asked a nurse: "Do you think the pain will make us scream?" She replied yes and almost instantly had her prediction proven true as both boys were doubled over in pain, hollering for drugs that never came. The experiment lasted for two hours before the guys begged to have the electrodes turned off.

For centuries women have said that if men understood what they went through during delivery, they'd feel significantly more support from their push partners -- to that point, Zena found himself wondering whether he even wants children now that he knows what "torture" the process of childbirth is.

And what woman wouldn't sign her man up for a similar experience ... and get paid handsomely to have the whole experience filmed for reality television?