Matt Damon Gets His Revenge On Jimmy Kimmel


After years of being taunted on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Matt Damon is exacting his revenge and taking over the talk show.

Since 2003, Kimmel has been saying that he ran out of time for Damon, but he's got time for him now. Damon, 45, appears in a new web-released video where he has the late-night host tied up in the background. Looking crazy, the Oscar winner says to camera, "But tonight you didn't run out of time for me, did you Jimmy? No, I ran out of time for you."

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He adds creepily as he pans the camera to show Kimmel, 42, being gagged with his own tie. "What's that Jimmy? Is there a new host in town and his initials are M.D.? That's right. The doctor is in."

See how Damon's revenge will end on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live! ...or should we say Matt Damon Live!

In case you've forgotten how many times Kimmel has "ran out of time for Matt Damon," this video is a good reminder: