'Bachelor' Sean Wants to Be Surprised


This season's Bachelor, Sean Lowe, is getting another chance at televised romance after nearly capturing the heart of Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette. At the reins this time, Lowe says he isn't getting too specific when it comes to what he's looking for in his potential fiancé.

"I've really got two main requirements," he said. "One: They just have to have a sweet, caring nature, and two: They need to be intelligent. Then, I think the rest, I say 'Surprise me.' I don't want to put too many parameters on it because I want to be surprised and I want to see if maybe some of these girls have qualities in them that I've never dated before."

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Having been a contestant on The Bachelor's sister show not too long ago, Lowe understands what the women are going through as they try to win over his heart. As he recalls, he didn't always feel at-ease on the show.

"I told the girls from the very beginning that I want them to be comfortable around me. I want them to act just like they would act at home," the 29-year-old Texas native said. "I sometimes felt like I wasn't being myself around Emily all the time and I didn't want to have that culture here. ...I think I'm doing a good job. They all seem to be comfortable with me."

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Although he's been a contestant himself, Lowe admits that it has been difficult to keep track of all the women's names and stories, as the competition is still at thirteen women and was once at as many as twenty-six contestants.

"I'd be lying if I said it wasn't tough to keep all the stories straight, but I'm really focusing on being engaging with the girls and when they talk, I'm listening," he said. "These girls are so interesting and they have so much to tell me, so I'm honestly trying to get to know each and every one of them on an intimate level."

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Watch the video above for more from Sean and contestants Catherine and Tierra and a sneak peek at tonight's roller-derby date.

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