Go Behind-The-Scenes of 'Smash' Season Two!


It's always an exciting prospect to visit the set of a TV show you love, but when said set visit gifts you with, what amounts to, an intimate Jennifer Hudson concert, you're forced to take stock and wonder what you did right in a past life.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - Megan Hilty Performs A New Hit

In a nutshell, that's what happened this past fall when I hit up the Smash set to chat with Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Jennifer Hudson and watch them film part of episode three.

VIDEO - How Katharine McPhee Became A Smash!

And now you can see what I witnessed in ET's Smash Set Visit Video!

In addition to watching Hilty and Hudson belt it out, you can hear straight from the stars what they're excited for fans to see this season! Where's Bombshell the musical? What brought Jennifer Hudson to TV? Will Britney Spears be next? Watch!

premieres February 5 at 9 p.m. on NBC.