'Awkward' Star Kickstarts New TV Show


The last few years have seen some of the internet's most successful webseries' find funding on Kickstarter, a crowd-sourcing platform for creative projects to generate financial backing, and Awkward star Beau Mirchoff hopes to follow in the footsteps of Husbands, Sun Come Up and the like with Camp Sunshine.

The hopeful half-hour comedy follows the staff of Camp Sunshine, the brain-child of writer-director Kanin Guntzelman. "I met Kanin a few years ago in improv class," Mirchoff tells ETonline. "He was the funniest kid in the whole school and we hit it off. Then he wrote this pilot, asked if I wanted to be a part of it and I thought it was just hilarious and we started this endeavor."

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With eight days left and roughly $16,000 to go
, Mirchoff is upping the ante on what you can get for pledging. Currently, contributors can score a personal video message or Skype session with the actor, but he tells me, "I am open to anything. Seriously. Just put it out there in the Twitterverse. I will do my best to accommodate anything they want."

Mirchoff's willingness to do whatever it takes reinforces how passionately he is about the project. "I really feel strongly that this could be something special and different and fun," he says, adding that achieving this goal would mean the world to him. "It seems easy to go online and donate, but it takes time and people are giving us money they worked hard for. It's really remarkable."

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He also promises that season three of Awkward, which goes into production next week, will be equally unbelievable. "Matty and Jenna are together, but not without their problems," he says. "Season three starts with their junior year of high school and we tackle some pretty big issues this year in a really funny way."

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