(Re)Watch The Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials

(Re)Watch The Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials

For some, the Super Bowl's main attraction happens in between plays when the action switches to the ads (reportedly costing $4 million for 30 seconds) and Joe Schmo becomes Don Draper, judging each commercial with a scotch in one hand and buffalo wing in the other.

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So which spots soared and which were a waste of money? Let's break down the Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads below!

Most Touching - Jeep, 'America Will Be Whole Again

Most Uncomfortable Touching - GoDaddy.com, 'Perfect Match'

Best Use of Celebrity - Best Buy, 'Asking Amy'

Worst Use of Celebrity - Mio, 'Anthem'

Best Party - Taco Bell, 'Viva Young'

Worst Party - Pepsi NEXT, 'Party'

Best Motivation To Put Down The Pizza - Calvin Klein, 'Concept'

Worst Motivation To Put Down The Pizza - Subway, 'Congratulations Jared'

Best Use of Animals - Budwiser, 'Brotherhood'

Worst Use of Animals - Cars.com, 'Wold'

Best Overall - Oreo, 'Whisper Fight' AND Their Impeccably Timed Black Out Tweet

Worst Overall - Wonderful Pistachios, 'Psy Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin'