Behind The Scenes of 'Southland' - Exclusive

Behind The Scenes of 'Southland' - Exclusive

Every neighborhood has the street that separates the right side of the tracks from the wrong side of the tracks, and on TNT's sensational Southland, that's Slauson Avenue.

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But as Detective Lydia Adams (played with profound power by Regina King) says in ETonline's exclusive clip off the upcoming Southland DVD set, every side of the track is facing tough times.

"It's a metaphor," creator Ann Biderman says. "It's not Slauson specifically. It's a metaphor for moving on, moving up, moving forward with your life. It's not crossing Slauson or not crossing Slauson, it's that society will protect certain people and how angry that makes Lydia."

Check out ETonline's exclusive clip off Southland: The Complete Second, Third and Fourth Seasons, which hits DVD on February 5. Click here to pre-order!