'Bachelor' Recap: Sean Questions Tierra's Motives


'Bachelor' Recap: Sean Questions Tierra's Motives

Tonight Sean Lowe's lucky ladies leave the comforts of the mansion and take their quest for The Bachelor's heart global. First stop, Montana!

Eleven girls pack their bags and head to the Rockies this week in anticipation of snagging one of three dates: a one-on-one, a two-on-one or the group date.

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Sean decides he hasn't spent much quality time with the girl who dared to make her first impression in a wedding dress, so he awards Lindsay with the only one-on-one by whisking her off to Glacier National Park via helicopter.

Later, over a glass of wine by the fire, Lindsay opens up to Sean about her childhood as an army brat and her desire for a family. The bachelor, feeling he has a better understanding and affection for his date, bestows Lindsay with a rose.

The two cap off their romantic night with a slow dance in town square to the live tunes of Country singer Sarah Darling.

When the group date rolls around, Sean pits his eight (Selma, AshLee, Desiree, Catherine, Sarah, Leslie, Robyn, and Daniela) against each other in an all-out tag team race involving canoeing and goat milk guzzling for the shot at extra time with the bachelor. The red team (Selma, Sarah, Robyn and Desiree) triumphs and heads off to enjoy their well-earned cocktail time with Sean, but it isn't long before he has second thoughts about sending the blue team (AshLee, Catherine, Lesley, and Daniela) back to the hotel. On a whim, Sean invites the four to join the party in progress, to the horror of Selma, Sarah, Robyn and Desiree.

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Seeing the girls in a flurry of excitement to meet Sean, Tierra (who is stuck in her room with plans of a two-on-one along with Jackie the next day) devises a scheme to escape the hotel and snatch a moment with the bachelor without anyone the wiser. Amazingly, her plan goes off without a hitch, and Tierra is able to pull Sean aside and steal a snuggle before he goes off to meet his eight at the bar.

The ladies, itching to stretch out every minute they have, grow anxious about their chances this week. Daniela breaks from the pressure in her alone time with Sean and tears up, ultimately endearing herself to her date and he gifts her his rose for the night.

As the time finally comes for Tierra and Jackie to embark on their two-on-one with Sean, Tierra makes no butts about her intent to squash her competition on their three-way date by purposefully dominating his attention on the horseback riding outing.

Frustrated, Jackie opens up to Sean about her Tierra concerns in a moment alone, but the conversation does not sit well with him. Despite blooming doubt about Tierra, he sends Jackie home.

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With the loss of Jackie, Robyn takes matters into her own hands and confronts Tierra. The argument escalates just as Sean happens to walk in. Confused, he takes Tierra aside and she relays that the other women have been ganging up on her, which Sean accepts with doubt. Apparently assuming Robyn was the source of the drama, he sends her off without a rose.

Keep it tuned to ABC tomorrow as the two-day Bachelor event continues. Sean and his nine hit the Canadian Rockies where Tierra falls victim to the dangers of the wild—only to be saved by her knight in shining armor.