Melissa McCarthy on Her Rambunctious 2-Year-Old


Melissa McCarthy's rowdiness may have been passed on to her daughter. As the Identity Thief actress tells Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, dealing with her two-year-old can be quite the adventure at times.

On Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedic actress recounts taking her young daughter Georgette out to breakfast with husband Ben Falcone, which proves to be a bothersome experience.

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"Every four or five months, Ben and I are like, 'This'll be great. We'll go to breakfast; she's older,' and then about three and a half minutes in, we're like, 'Why did we do this? Let's just go to the car,' 'cause she's crawling on something and punching."

McCarthy then jokingly proposes to make a straightjacket for her daughter that "aggressively restrains her" so she can't fidget around.

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Georgette is the second of the 42-year-old actresses' children, as she also has a five-year-old daughter named Vivian with whom she was pregnant on the final season of Gilmore Girls.

McCarthy says that she isn't the only one who thinks that her youngest daughter is too rambunctious to handle. Ellen then suggests that she meet the young girl, which allows McCarthy to deliver some humor.

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"I'll bring her over. You can keep her a couple weeks," she says.

Watch the sneak peak above and check out McCarthy's full appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today. Check your local listings.