Can You Spot J-Law in This 'Monk' Episode?


Can You Spot J-Law in This 'Monk' Episode?

Though she's already been nominated for two Academy Awards at just 22 years old, Jennifer Lawrence hasn't always had her pick of the best roles in Hollywood -- which she hilariously displayed by revealing to Conan O'Brien the major letdown she received earlier in her career when she thought she was getting a plum guest starring role on USA hit Monk.

"For the Monk episode there was Emily J. and Emily C. -- I thought I was going to play Emily C.," she explained during her guest appearance on Conan Tuesday night. "So this one girl that's in [my] church goes, 'I'm gonna be playing Emily J. on Monk,' and I go, 'Oh my God I'm going to play Emily C., this is great!'"

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Only it turns out Jennifer didn't exactly get the part she was hoping for.

"[Turns] out I'm not playing that part -- I'm playing the mascot," she laughed. "And so everybody watched it after I told them that I'm going to have this great, huge part and I was just the mascot -- and I've never been back to church since."

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Check out the video to see Jennifer's under the radar Monk appearance, and for her priceless reaction to the unearthed clip.