New Clips: Beyonce on 'Oprah's Next Chapter'


Oprah sat down with global superstar Beyonce for an interview airing Saturday and we have an advance clip of the singer dishing on her marriage with Jay-Z.

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"I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man," said Beyonce, who revealed that the couple were friends for a year and a half before they started dating.

"That foundation is so important in a relationship -- just to have someone that you just like. You know?" Bey said.

Earlier in her career Beyonce heeded Oprah's advice to keep her dating life a secret from the media, but Oprah didn't realize the extent that Beyonce would take her advice at the time.

"I took it as far as I could take it," admitted Beyonce, who was hush-hush about her relationship even after their "I dos".

"Don't tell people who you're dating, but you can tell people who you're married to okay!" Oprah joked.

Watch Oprah's interview with Beyonce on OWN Saturday, February 16, at 8/7c. Beyonce's new documentary, Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream, premieres on HBO the same night.