What Does Alona Tal Feel 'Cult'-ish About?

What Does Alona Tal Feel 'Cult'-ish About?

We all have pop culture obsessions (lord knows I've talked about mine, ad nauseum, on this website) but you'd be hard-pressed to find fans who take their love of a show as seriously as the characters on Cult.

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In a nutshell, The CW's newest drama revolves around the mysterious disappearance of Nate Sefton, a fan of the show within Cult (also called Cult), and the investigation his brother, Matt Davis' Jeff, launches along with Skye Yarrow, a research assistant on the TV show that is seemingly at the center of it all.

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If that sounds confusing, fret not -- star Alona Tal tells me that as long as you pay attention, everything will make sense. I recently caught up with the actress at The Carlton Hotel in NYC where we talked all about Cult, and I found out her biggest pop culture obsessions.

premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.