Eden Sher Says Sue Heck is 'All That'


TV's sweetest sitcom, The Middle, seriously brought the swoons with last week's Valentine's Day episode when Darrin kissed Sue, turning her disastrous dance into one for the record books. And according to star Eden Sher, Sue will continue to be lucky in the love department over the coming weeks as things with Darrin get more and more serious.

ETonline caught up with the always hilarious Sher during a recent trip to NYC where we talked about Indiana loving, her love of physical comedy and what's ahead on The Middle. Plus, I asked Sher which singers she'd like to meet now that she's checked Taylor Swift and Christina Aguilera off her list!

ETonline: OK, so that scene between Sue and Darrin was too cute for words.

Eden Sher: I know, right? I just love their dynamic. I like the idea of Sue having this romance that is very specifically Darrin and Sue. In a way, that seems more real than the Matt storyline. Don't get me wrong, that was also great, but because Darrin existed in the world of The Middle prior to last week, it felt so organic. Now we see how their love works in this world on a deeper level. I mean, it's a sitcom, but their love seems earned.

ETonline: Some actors can, some can't; do you watch your own show?

Sher: I really can't watch myself. I just get too in my head about it and start overthinking everything. But I made a point to watch the [cheerleading] episode because I spent so much time working on it, I needed to see how it turned out.

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ETonline: What did you think of how the routine turned out?

Sher: I'm grateful for it because it made me feel a new emotion that I'd never felt before. It was like a unique combination of embarrassment and pride -- but I was very satisfied with it. I practiced that krumping thing for three days, but I never looked in a mirror while doing it, so I had no idea what it looked like. So, it was a very visceral reaction to see what I look like dancing because I wasn't trying to be funny. A lot of that was just Eden dancing. I mean ... it was, like, 30 percent Sue.

ETonline: You seem to really revel in the physical comedy Sue requires.

Sher: I do. I love physical comedy. Comedy that comes from an emotional place is amazing too and lets me develop in a new way as an actor. But, the skill that comes from throwing myself across the room ... well, "skill" [laughs] ... let's just say I will have a largely happier week if I get to do a physical stunt.

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ETonline: Looking ahead, what would you like for Sue?

Sher: I don't want it to be a permanent thing, but I would love to have some sort of fantasy sequence, or do an episode, where Sue actually gets her braces off. Hey writers, pitching you free ideas right now [laughs]. So she gets the braces off and suddenly people start to notice her. Like, everyone discovers all her hidden talents, there's a weird series of events that leads to her get all these fancy new clothes and she's like this new person for a day ... and then the orthodontist realizes he made a mistake and has to put them back on and life goes back to normal.

ETonline: Her She's All That moment, if you will. Where the glasses come off and the world realizes she's a beautiful actress?

Sher: Yes! Exactly! Oh man, I sometimes feel that way because Sue's goofy, but I feel like I'm goofy in my real life too -- like, we're not that different. I mean, literally, the only difference is that I have braces on, so I don't understand when people are like, "You look so much different in real life."

ETonline: We first met after you owned The American Music Awards red carpet pre-show. Now that you've checked "Interviewing Taylor Swift and Christina Aguilera" off your bucket list, who would you like to meet next?

Sher: Robyn. That would be amazing. I would also actually love to meet Ke$ha. We have a mutual friend and she's always gushing about what an undercover genius Ke$ha is. I mean, you can't be that successful and not be business savvy.

ETonline: Right, like she's another one of those performers who cultivates a public persona that is totally different from who she truly is.

Sher: Exactly. But I get that, it's another form of performance art. Plus, it allows you to keep a part of yourself out of the media. Maybe I should form some crazy alter ego. Like my own version of Sasha Fierce ... Sasha Pierced, or something. Or maybe this is it! Maybe I am the alter ego and you don't know it. Like, what if I'm a really serious person and what you see is all front? Nah, that's not possible -- I can't fake all of this ... unfortunately [laughs].

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