Donnie Wahlberg Details Brother's Jail Time


Donnie Wahlberg is an executive producer of the new unscripted show Boston's Finest, which follows the lives of the Boston Police Department on and off the job, and in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the highly anticipated show, he details his older brother's life-changing run-in with a Boston police officer which forever changed the course of his life.

Wahlberg rides through his hometown of Boston, and though he doesn't name which of his older brothers he describes in the clip (rule out the most famous Wahlberg, Mark, who is two years younger than him), he does share an intense incident in which his big brother attempted to rob a police officer's house.

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"My older brother, he was a tough kid, he got into a lot of scrapes and stuff with the police. He spent most of his life in prison," he explains. "One of the things he attributes to saving his life is a Boston police officer who arrested him."

Check out the video to hear the intimate family story and for a sneak peek of the action-packed show.

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Tune-in to the premiere of Boston's Finest February 27 at 9/8c on TNT.