Store Manager Offers Weed to 'Undercover Boss'

Store Manager Offers Weed to 'Undercover Boss'

Toby Bost, CEO of O'Neill Clothing, likes to keep loose reigns on his company, but one store manager takes this creedo a little too far on the next Undercover Boss.

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While going undercover as a clerk at one of O'Neill's retail stores, Toby gets acquainted with manager Jesus -- a stoner who is a firm non-believer in the brand.

"Jesus had a ton of attitude and he had a lot to say," said Toby.

"You will never see me wearing an O'Neill shirt," promised Jesus, which breaks Toby's cardinal (and only) rule. "I'm just straight up lazy, man," Jesus later confessed. "[I] come in, smoke a bowl before work just to calm down."

Watch the clip to see how Toby reacts. Check out an all-new Undercover Boss Friday at 8pm ET/PT on CBS.