'NCIS' Sneak Peek: Ducky and Jimmy Get Kidnapped


The NCIS crew is accustomed to solving crimes, but on tonight's episode they'll be investigating a very personal crime. In a bizarre turn of events, their own chief medical examiner, "Ducky," and his assistant, "Jimmy," are kidnapped. ET has your sneak peek.

When the two medical examiners go out in the field to perform their typical duties of transporting a body from a crime scene, they are stopped by a pair of kidnappers who want Ducky to perform an autopsy on the corpse in their presence.

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"One thing leads to another [and] they get...kidnapped," Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy, teased of the episode. "They get a little bit of backwoods autopsy, perhaps. We got to figure out how the team is going to help save them. More importantly, how can Ducky and Jimmy save themselves?"

Although they are eventually caught in precarious situation, the rare one-on-one time away from the office that Ducky and Jimmy have during the episode allows for more exploration into their relationship.

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"The relationship between Ducky and Jimmy has always been very special," Dietzen said. "[They have] a mentor-student relationship that, over years, has grown into a very close friendship. ...In this episode, we get to further examine how these two interact more closely when it's outside of just explaining what happened in a case."

To add to the suspenseful search to locate and rescue two of their own, NCIS has brought on director Mario Van Peebles, who has directed episodes of Boss and Law & Order in addition to acting in films such as Ali, for the episode.

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"We have a...first-time director, Mario Van Peebles, directing this episode. He's making this episode...very different. It's shot very differently; camera's moving really fast," said Cote de Pablo ("Ziva David"). "He wants to recreate this sense of urgency. It's been a ride, this episode. ...It's a fun episode."

Watch the video for a complete preview of tonight's episode of NCIS and check out the full episode tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.