What Distinguishes 'Golden Boy' from the Pack?


There have been various genres of television shows that have thrived in a given era. One such genre that is current thriving is the crime procedural drama, with shows like NCIS and its spin-offs continuing to flourish. Tonight, a new procedural named Golden Boy drama premieres, but that's not how the cast chose to describe it.

The new series, created by NYPD Blue co-producer Nicholas Wootton, centers in on the journey of a man named "Walter Clark" (Theo James) who works his way up to becoming the youngest police chief in the history of New York City.

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While the procedural element of solving crimes remains a facet of the show, the cast made it clear that it's not the central focus.

"I think it has a minor procedural element, but I think at the end of the day it's about the characters," said Theo James, who plays the series' central character. "That sounds like a standard-issue thing to say, 'It's about the characters,' but it is.

"...It's a story about [Walter's] evolution as a person. So, in that way, it's not about the case each week; it's about this person growing and becoming a very powerful man, but also what he loses along the way and all the relationships he has."

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Walter's most important relationship that the series focuses on is with his mentor "Don Owen," who is portrayed by I, Robot actor Chi McBride. He gave a more candid opinion on television genres but also maintains that his series is unique.

"The only people that want something new and different are television critics because they watch everything," McBride said bluntly. "...People have their shows and they like 'em; they like doctors, lawyers, and cops."If I'm going to say that there's something that separates this from the pack, though, it is [that it's] a more character-driven show."

"Golden boy," a term refers to an individual who is the favorite of a group, is a moniker commonly used in law enforcement offices for promising young workers. True Blood actor Kevin Alejandro, who plays "Tony Arroyo" on the show, explained why the term is an optimal title.

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"I think it's perfect because anyone can be the golden boy. It's a real challenge and a competition to get that level of appreciation," Alejandro said. "What's great about this show is that you see each and every one of our characters struggle for that."

Watch the video for an introduction to the cast and don't miss the series premiere of Golden Boy tonight at 10 p.m. on CBS.