Audrey's 'Strange Addiction': Stuffed Pets


27-year-old Audrey shares a "spiritual connection" with her stuffed lamb.

The young woman, who carries a pint-sized powder blue plush everywhere she goes, is profiled in Wednesday's My Strange Addiction.

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"The lamb is my best friend," she explains of the animal who's been her companion for five years. "He is really just carefree, adventurous and awesome."

Audrey's sister, however, is not a fan.

"[Her] relationship with the lamb is strange," says her concerned sibling Ansley. "She's in her '20s and she's got a stuffed animal that she wants to take around."

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Watch a sneak preview in the player above!

This episode of My Strange Addiction, also featuring a woman addicted to eating deodorant sticks, airs tonight at 10pm on TLC.