'Nikita' Star Previews Regret and Resentment


From losing hands to losing power, every character on Nikita has had to come to terms with the loss of something major this season. But perhaps no one has given up more than Sean Pierce, who in the last episode was forced to fake his own death after Amanda framed him for multiple murders.

But as Dillon Casey tells ETonline, his character's funeral frustrations are directed at someone else in the coming weeks. That was just one of the intriguing tidbits he brought up during our interview today!

ETonline: What was your reaction when you found out Sean would have to fake his own death and join Division full-time?

Dillon Casey: I was excited about it. Sean had been kind of floating along the surface for a while, trying to figure out how he could work with these people -- he didn't like that Alex was a part of Division, but he kept coming back because he loves her and wanted to make sure she was safe. If it was up to him, Division would be destroyed so forcing him to be a part of it, especially in this way, was an amazing turning point for the character.

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ETonline: We saw him struggling with his decision after the fact last week. Will that continue or does he come to accept it?

Casey: I think that as a SEAL, he's very good at accepting a situation and moving forward. He's obviously torn up about the fact his life was turned upside down and he died a traitor and a murderer, but he know that's something he can't change. All he can do is accept that he's a part of Division now and needs to make the best of it. I think that a part of him thinks if he keeps working hard, he can figure out a way to get his life back, but all he can do right now is take things one day at a time.

ETonline: Does this have a positive or negative effect on Sean's relationship with Alex?

Casey: It changes their relationship. They had the added benefit of not spending every waking hour with each other, that's going to turn out to have been a good thing. Now, they're kind of stuck in prison together and a serious tension arises from that because Alex feels guilty for Sean's situation. Whether he likes it or not, Sean does feel a bit of resentment to all of them. He was given this choice to change his life, and he's not sure it was the best choice to make [plus,] he resents having to make the choice at all. There's this resentment that Sean feels, and now he can't even go into the field and back Alex up like he wants to because he’s injured. So Alex get partnered with Owen and it's a whole new set of problems they have to deal with.

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ETonline: What does Sean think of Owen?

Casey: Owen and Alex share this dark history; this violent past, and that kind of gives you some insight into the butterfly tattoo on Alex's back. Owen has a lot of tattoos as well and they can bond over what that represents, while Sean doesn't have that dark past to bond with Alex over. The fact that Owen is taking Sean's place in the field and has this shared past to bond over with Alex kind of leads to a lot of jealousy from Sean.

ETonline: What's it like for Sean to be trapped in Division while Alex is in the field?
Casey: He's going stir crazy and kind of taking it out on Alex. He's trying to find a way to be useful, but tactical work is not what he really wants to be doing. He's very versatile; there's an upcoming episode where Michael has to go out into the field and Sean is the only person left at Division, and he takes over seamlessly.

ETonline: Ryan made a speech about how Division can be used for good, depending on the people running it. Do you agree?

Casey: Personally, I don't think Division should exist. I think it's awful and should be disbanded. I agree that it's only as good or bad as the people running it, but my problem is that there are no checks and balances. There's nobody to keep them in line. It's kind of a strange way of working. So I don't think Division is a good place, I don't think it should exist any longer than it takes to get rid of it.

ETonline: What are you excited for Nikita fans to see in the coming weeks?

Casey: I'm really excited for them to see Owen and Sean in the field together. That's a really interesting episode because they have to rely on each other but they don't like each other. As a SEAL, Sean's training tells him that the life of his partner in the field is more important than his own, so for that person to be Owen is difficult for Sean. I don't know what Owen’s like. I think he's a bit of a loose cannon [because] his loyalty is to Nikita, and he'd do anything for her.

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