Exclusive 'White Collar' Finale Clip


All season long White Collar fans have watched Neal, Peter, Mozzie and Jones race to find Ellen's Empire State Building box -- and in Tuesday's season finale, the chase finally climaxes.

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But with the newly installed F.B.I. chief seemingly on Senator Pratt's payroll, the boys are forced to race against one more enemy during In The Wind, an episode creator Jeff Eastin calls intense.

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"I'm really excited about our finale, it's big this year," Eastin told ETonline. "We shot it in The Empire State Building, up on the 103rd floor, which is the secret top deck that only celebrities can see. It's pretty intense. We got to shoot Neal and Sara up there, for good reasons -- it starts out as part of the con they're running, but it ends with the two of them up there and it's really beautiful and emotional. We can always come back to those two if we want, but it's also a fantastic summation of their relationship."

Watch ETonline's exclusive clip from the White Collar season finale, and tune in Tuesday at 10 p.m. on USA to see the whole affair!