Barbara: 'Well-Known' Actor Gave Me Chicken Pox


Barbara: 'Well-Known' Actor Gave Me Chicken Pox

Barbara Walters returned to The View on Monday after a six-week absence to recover from a head injury and chicken pox and opened up for the first time about her recovery.

The 83-year-old newswoman received a standing ovation after appearing on the set of The View and joked about her co-hosts being overly concerned by attempting to assist her walking. "After a lot of scratching and rest, I am fine, and I am healthy," she said. She then added that she was prepared "to tell more than you ever wanted to know about my condition."

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Walters revealed that while visiting a friend in Miami in January, she shared a New Years hug and kiss with an unnamed "well-known actor" who ended up contracting a bad case of shingles. She explained that chicken pox can be transferred by someone with shingles and said this is how she caught the illness.

She also described the fall she suffered at the British ambassador's residence in Washington, D.C. in January that left her "bloody and unconscious" and required weeks of hospitalization to recover from a concussion.

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"The chicken pox came and went weeks ago -- the head injury has taken longer," she said, but happily reported that currently her "head is cleared and the concussion is over." She also thanked her fans for their support and good wishes during her absence.

Walters teared up when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a surprise appearance on the show to welcome her back and brought her flowers and Regis Philbin also brought his own bouquet when he joined show later.

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