Exclusive: 'Preachers' Daughters' Hardly Innocent


If you think Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson are a bit on the wild side considering they're both daughters of preachers, then get ready for an eye-opener courtesy of Lifetime!

Lifetime's brand-new series Preachers' Daughters follows the lives of teenage pastors’ daughters and their parents as they balance the temptations of adolescence with the expectations of following household beliefs, and in this exclusive clip, one preacher's daughter openly jokes about being a stripper or a porn star.

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"If money don't be right for college, I'm gonna be a stripper," 17-year-old Taylor, daughter of Pentecostal Church preacher Ken Coleman, laughs. "... or like a porn star or something. They always say that the preacher's kids are the worst ones anyway, and I see why."

Check out the clip to see what happens when Taylor gets a "friendly hug" from ex-boyfriend Kardan.

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Preachers' Daughters premieres next Tuesday, March 12 at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.