5 Questions With 'Golden' Girl Stella Maeve


Most actors on procedural dramas will tell you their show is "not your average procedural" while subsequent episodes offer up nothing but contradictory evidence. And while we're only one episode into the freshman season of CBS' Golden Boy, I'm inclined to believe star Theo James, who told me this very thing when I recently hit up the set.

Especially after chatting with Stella Maeve, who plays the younger sister of James' character, Walter. After all, why would the creators flesh out his family if Walter was never going to leave the office? Turns out, Maeve had the same question when she signed on for the series!

ETonline: What appealed to you about the Golden Boy script?

Stella Maeve: I read a lot of television scripts and I thought this was so cool and so different because while it may be a cop procedural, it's a cop procedural that really focuses on the characters' lives. It's so character driven ... I mean, I wouldn't exist if it wasn't. And in the later episodes, we break off into Agnes' storyline more, which is so cool and exciting. They really take you deep into these people's lives.

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ETonline: Did the writers have to assure you that Agnes wouldn't fall by the wayside as the show evolved into a straight procedural?

Maeve: I talked about that a lot with Nick [Wootton, creator] and in season two, we get deeper into her storyline. And CBS apparently loved everything between Agnes and Walter, so next year, they want to go further with that. The character is actually based, very loosely, on Nick's step-daughter, Clementine. So I think that's why it was so important to have her in the show; it hit home for him.

ETonline: Walter very actively tried to keep his work and personal life separate, so does that mean Agnes will never meet any of the other characters?

Maeve: For the first season it's two separate worlds for the most part. You will find her down at the station because she becomes buddies with one of the cops there. There's been talk about integrating her more into that world so she ends up developing her own relationship with one of Clark's co-workers.

ETonline: What are you excited for fans to see in the coming weeks?

Maeve: I'm excited for our viewers to see Walter and Agnes grow with one another. They're the only family they have, and it's exciting to show how that relationship can withstand all the problems that occur.

ETonline: Are you intrigued by the possibility of seeing how two people could have such identical childhoods yet turn out to be two such different people?

Maeve: Absolutely. And for these two, who co-exist, it's even more fascinating. They're both still so young, so it's going to be very cool to watch them evolve into the people they're destined to be.

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