Hamill: My Dancing Resembles 'Elephant on Skates'


Athletes are often at the top of the list as favorites to win Dancing with the Stars and we caught up with a member of the new cast -- gold medal-winning Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill -- to get a sneak peek of her rehearsals and find out how she's making the transition from the ice to the dance floor!

On her rehearsal progress so far with pro partner Tristan MacManus, the 56-year-old Hamill said she's lucky to have such an experienced and good natured trainer. "It's the best -- the problem is he knows what he's doing and I don't."

She added that being cast for Dancing with the Stars was a dream come true, but it's been challenging trying to adapt to a completely different performance style. "What I'm worried mostly about is learning what I'm doing and trying to make it look like a dancer as opposed to an ice skating elephant trying to do stuff on the floor," Hamill joked.

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For his part, MacManus said that "rehearsals are going well," but he acknowledged the usual frustrations that contestants initially experience. "When you work with someone, it's not frustrating for me, but she gets very frustrated. So you have to get used to -- it's a different type of frustration."

The duo are practicing this week for their first dance style -- contemporary -- and MacManus said Hamill is so far doing well despite "doing double duty with her skating" that is taking a toll on her body.

Dancing with the Stars will premiere during a special two-hour broadcast on March 18 at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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