Lena: Hannah's Clothes Are Meant to Look Bad


If you've ever been watching Girls and thought, "What is Hannah wearing?", than Lena Dunham has done her job. The woman behind the hit HBO show revealed on CBS' Sunday Morning that her character's clothes are meant to be ill-fitting.

"Yeah. We will do a thing sometimes where we'll, like, all fit clothes with Spanx so that they're kinda, like, fit right. And then I'll remove the Spanx so they're kinda like rumpled up," Dunham, 26, admitted. When asked if she wants her character Hannah to look "a little awkward," the Golden Globe winner agreed: "Yeah, I think it's important. I think it's a part of who she is."

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Dunham was also confronted with the question of why she is constantly nude on the show, and surprisingly, the actress/writer revealed that she's not out to offend. "To express what I'm trying to express, to express the truth. ...This is what feels right to me in the moment. This is what is poetic," Dunham said, adding that she's not trying to make a big political statement. "It's not a calculation to land screen caps of me on blogs."

"We have this insane culture where women who don't look like the cast of Gossip Girl are put into sweaters and nightgowns to sleep in," Dunham continued. "What I love are like the films from the '70s where someone gets out of bed and you see half of their nipple, because that's what it looks like for a person to get out of bed."

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Do you agree with Dunham's creative decisions on nudity and wardrobe? Let us know, below.