'Moonshiners' Star Arrested on Intoxication Charge

Danville Police Department

'Moonshiners' Star Arrested on Intoxication Charge

A star of Discovery Channel's reality show Moonshiners has been arrested for allegedly being drunk in public.

Police in Danville, VA say they arrested 35-year-old Steven Ray Tickle -- known on the show simply as Tickle -- outside a convenience store last week. Officers reported seeing Tickle in the parking lot of Charley's Stop and Shop with an open container and smelling of alcohol.

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Tickle was released from the Danville City Jail later that day, the Associated Press reports.

Moonshiners follows several people making their own concoctions of the illegal homemade brew. The show's website describes Tickle as "a hard working still hand who loves moonshine, but whose true genius can be found in the kitchen."