'OUAT' Welcomes Back A Familiar Face


Sheriff Graham's death shook viewers (and Emma) to their core back in season one, so it's doubly exciting that Once Upon A Time is bringing the character back in Sunday's all-new episode, titled Welcome To Storybrooke.

Sadly for those of us who still wish (upon a star) that Jamie Dornan was back in our lives on a weekly basis, his character is only getting resurrected in the flashback sequence of Sunday's story. However, as Dornan tells me, in Storybrooke death never spells a permanent exit. 

ETonline: What was your reaction to finding out Graham would be back?

Jamie Dornan: I'm ever willing to be on the show because I love it and love everyone involved. I also keep in pretty good touch with those boys [creators Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis] and they sent a few emails to talk about availability and dates and the ideas for the character.

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ETonline: What did it feel like being back on set?

Dornan: Honestly Jarett, it felt like it had been 7 minutes since I was last there. It's essentially the same cast and crew since the pilot, so it's like family. You just fit right back in. It was lovely and was so easy in terms of not feeling like I needed to impress anyone.

ETonline: Had you kept up with the show this season?

Dornan: As much as I could because I live in London and we haven't even gotten season two yet! So when I got to Vancouver, I had to sit down with the actors and ask them what had happened [laughs]. It was like, "They killed who?!?!"

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ETonline: The fans were up in arms when Graham was killed in season one. Has that furor died down at all?

Dornan: Not really. Twitter is quite a good platform for that. People are mad and lovely about it because almost every day I get someone on Twitter saying I should be back, which is very kind and sweet. It makes me feel good and embarrassed at the same time. It's lovely that people care so much. I'd like to say it's all down to me, but it's mostly about the character the writers created.

ETonline: Coming in, did you know what the plan for Graham was?

Dornan: The [writers] dropped a few hints but I didn't know exactly in what context I'd be back -- if I would be the sheriff or The Huntsman. I just knew it would be a flashback. It all happened quite quickly in the end. I'm so pleased to be back, even if it's just -- at this stage -- for one episode. 

ETonline: Once you found out the plan, what excited you about it?

Dornan: It's great because we flash back right to day one of the curse, 28 years previously when Emma was born, so we get to see the relationship between Graham and Regina right from the beginning. We get to see the early signs of manipulation and control and how she uses him, which is so interesting and tragic. It's not pleasant to watch someone be used like that, but it's great for the audience to see how early the manipulation began. I think the flashbacks are a great way to fill in the gaps and allow the writers to manipulate the audience just how Regina manipulates Graham ... but in a nice way [laughs]. They fill in a lot of big questions this week!

Once Upon A Time
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