Harper's 'Courageous' Appearance on 'The Talk'

Harper's 'Courageous' Appearance on 'The Talk'

Valerie Harper sat down with the ladies of The Talk today for an emotional and inspirational discussion of her battle with terminal brain cancer, and co-host Julie Chen tells ET, "Oh my god she is such an inspiration."

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"Coming out with the news and going public with her terminal brain cancer is such a courageous thing to do, and to do it with such class and style and vibrancy, it's inspiring and I felt very humbled being there talking to her," she continues.

The former sitcom star was full of energy as she openly discussed her fears and approach to the challenges ahead, recommending that people in similar situations should "experience it – because then you're lightened up and you can be in the moment now. And what I keep saying over and over, 'Don't have the funeral until the day of the funeral. Live today!'"

"Valerie is so young at heart, she still looks so healthy, her spirit is so lively, I couldn't believe that she says she's going to be 74 soon -- she looks 54," says Julie. "You look at her eyes, they still twinkle, they still dance, and that's because of who she is inside, it shows on the outside."

During the show, Valerie was joined by adopted daughter Cristina, who fought back tears to talk about her mom and how she's coping.

Adds Julie, "Cancer is something that doesn't just strike the person who has been diagnosed; it strikes the family, and for her daughter to come out and be so strong … to sit next to her right there and hold her hand and sharing her perspective of what the family's going through with the world, that's very courageous as well."

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Watch the video to also hear about the special plaque presented to Valerie, whose hit sitcom Rhoda was filmed on the same soundstage as The Talk.