Exclusive: On Set of New NCIS: LA Possible Spinoff


Fans of the successful NCIS franchise are already anticipating the potential new spinoff for NCIS: Los Angeles and ET's Brooke Anderson catches up with the newest series star, John Corbett, during her exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the new CBS project!

Parenthood and United States of Tara star Corbett plays a former NCIS Special Agent now working as an analyst in the potential spinoff, which follows a new team of new elite agents -- called NCIS: Red -- who travel the country solving tough crimes. A two-part spinoff episode premieres next Tuesday on CBS.

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The 51-year-old Corbett -- also known for portraying Sarah Jessica Parker's boyfriend on Sex and the City -- explains the role of his character, Roy Quaid. "Roy was an agent, but he was wounded so he's semi-retired and Red Team needed an analyst so they brought him in." The star said he was "appropriately nervous" the first time on the set of NCIS, which he said he initially took an interest in because he always been a fan of longtime franchise star Mark Harmon.

Corbett is also a country music artist and explained that he recently got the call about being cast in the spinoff while celebrating in a bar after receiving good reviews of his latest album, Leaving Nothin' Behind. "Where have you been? I need you to get to LA tomorrow to meet the people at NCIS: LA," he recalls his agent saying. "I said, 'It is not happening tomorrow... I live on a ranch and I have animals and I need advance notice, it's a big process.'"

John Corbett Snags Role in NCIS: LA Spinoff

Playing Corbett's partner and team leader (Paris) is Grey's Anatomy star Kim Raver, who said she couldn't wait to work with Corbett and the rest of the NCIS: LA cast. "It's great, John is great, and Chris. Doing a pilot, we really have the luxury to have Chris and LL (LL Cool J) lead the way -- they know it so well and they are showing us the ropes."

When asked if has any advice for the NCIS newcomers, series veteran Chris O'Donnell said they have nothing to worry about. "These guys are seasoned veterans -- they've been around the block and they get it," he said. "We have some more experience handling guns and we take it for granted that we already know how to case a room."

VIDEO: NCIS: LA Cast Reacts to Chris O'Donnell Directing 

Watch the video for a first look at Corbett on the NCIS: LA set and to hear him explain why he has no intention of cutting his signature long locks for the new role!