Julia Stiles is Back as 'Blue' - EXCLUSIVE


Julia Stiles is Back as 'Blue' - EXCLUSIVE

It's totally understandable that Julia Stiles traveled far down the rom-com path given the fact her initial foray (1999's 10 Things I Hate About You) was such a smashing success. But I've found her post-rom-com roles to be endlessly more enjoyable.

From an expanded role in The Bourne sequels to that season-long arc on Dexter, by embracing her edgier aesthetic, Stiles has ensured career longevity.

Her latest, and greatest, role comes in the form of Blue, the single mother/escort she plays in another of WIGS' wonderful webseries of the same name. Season two launches on Friday and ETonline scored an exclusive clip from the premiere episode! Watch!

premieres on YouTube's WIGS network March 15.