First Look: John Corbett on the 'NCIS: Red' Team

First Look: John Corbett on the 'NCIS: Red' Team

With plans for a potential new spinoff series in the works, we've got an exclusive sneak peek of tomorrow's NCIS: Los Angeles episode that introduces members of the new mobile crime-fighting team known as NCIS: Red!

Sex and the City alum and Parenthood actor John Corbett (Roy Haines) is a former NCIS Special Agent now working as an analyst on the team of new elite agents who travel the country solving tough crimes. The NCIS: Red team is led by Grey's Anatomy star Kim Raver (Paris Summerskill) and also includes one-time ER star Scott Grimes (Special Agent Dave Flynn).

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In two special episodes setting up the potential spinoff, the NCIS: LA agents travel from California to Idaho to meet up with the NCIS Red team to investigate a link between a murder weapon located there that matches one used in a national security case in Los Angeles.

Watch the video for exclusive scenes from Tuesday's show, which airs at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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