'Game of Thrones' Cast Reveals Fan Experiences


Game of Thrones
has experienced an exciting two-season run with loyal viewership and critical acclaim, including over two dozen Emmy Awards. Now entering its third season, the cast revealed their experiences with fans so far.

sent a superfan to interview the Game of Thrones cast on the red carpet of the premiere of Season 3 in Hollywood and pick their brains about the upcoming season.

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When asked if they've had any bizarre fan experiences as members of the popular show, the actors didn't have much to share. It has all been proper, loving interaction with their fans, the members of the fantasy series said.

"People knit me things and send me things," said Rory McCann ("Sandor Clegane"). "It's just starting. It's O.K., though. It's all good; there's nothing nasty yet. I'm getting loads of letters from people all around the world."

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The series, which is based upon George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, has attracted a loyally engaged audience since its premiere in 2011. As many of the fans have already read the book series, they long to discover what part of the story will next come to life on the show.

"A lot the time people are always asking me what's going to happen in the new [season] or if I killed Joffrey yet," said Maisie Williams ("Arya Stark"), who made her acting debut on the show. "...[The fans are] always trying to find out little secrets from the new [season], which is funny to try and dodge around."

As fans have become so mesmerized by the series, on which George R. R. Martin is a co-producer, some feel as though the characters are part of their lives.

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"Sometimes people think they know you and they go, 'Hey!' and then they realize that they've just seen you on the television," Williams added of her experience with fans. "That's kind of funny sometimes."

Watch the video above to hear more of the Game of Thrones cast reveal their fan experiences and tease the upcoming season, which premieres March 31 on HBO.