Meredith Anxious about Baby's Health on 'Grey's'


Grey's Anatomy's attending general surgeon Meredith Grey never thought she would be able to conceive a child after having a miscarriage, but now that she has, she is determined to have a healthy pregnancy. As a doctor, she begins to overanalyze things and becomes overly worried about her growing fetus.

Due to the traumatic experience of her first pregnancy, after which she was informed that it would be hard for her to conceive and carry a child, Meredith is taking every precaution necessary to make sure her baby is healthy.

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With a firm understanding of all the things that could potentially go awry, she becomes paranoid.

Meredith reveals to her colleagues that she is worried her baby has the chromosomal defect DiGeorge syndrome, which can lead to birth defects, as well as phenylketonuria, a genetic disorder that can lead to serious medical problems.

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While Cristina tries to alleviate Meredith's anxiety by assuring her that she would amend any potential disorders the baby had after it was born, Alex isn't nearly as helpful. He teases her instead of comforting her and further adds to her worries by suggesting that she may have an abnormal delivery.

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