Stephen Baldwin Pesters Teammates on 'Apprentice'


Celebrity Apprentice
is all about teamwork, a concept which is an integral component of life in general. Unfortunately for Team Plan B, it's a concept that Stephen Baldwin doesn't quite understand.

In the upcoming episode of the celebrity reality game show, both teams are instructed to collaborate and create a marketing campaign for a hair and skincare brand.

Plan B seems to have an edge over its opponents, Power, who are stumped in brainstorming the creative ideas for their strategy, but actor Stephen Baldwin isn't making it easy on his teammates to enact their ideas.

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A self-proclaimed confident leader, Baldwin interrupts his teammate Marilu Henner while she is on the phone and insistently pesters her to ask the woman with whom she is speaking if she knows one of his business contacts.

Later on, Baldwin gets deliberately nasty with country singer Trace Adkins when he doesn't favor Baldwin's proposed slogan for their campaign.

"Trace lives in Tennessee. Trace washes his hair with lard," Baldwin says to the group in front of Adkins, who is expressively discontent with the rude comment.

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Baldwin's degradation of his teammate yields no avail, as the majority of Plan B elects to use a slogan suggested by Adkins.

Although the 46-year-old actor was sent to the boardroom in Plan B's only loss in the second episode of Apprentice's thirteenth season, he nevertheless continues to walk on thin ice by being a nuisance to his teammate.

Check out the sneak peek above and watch the full episode of Celebrity Apprentice Sunday at 9 p.m. on NBC.