'The Following' Star Previews Jacob's Bloodlust


While I've loved the unexpected twists and terrifying turns that lace every excellent episode of The Following, what truly cemented my adoration for Kevin Williamson's serial killer thriller was Emma, Jacob and Paul's literal and figurative threesome.

But with last week's episode forever eliminating one of the love triangle's corners (R.I.P. Paul), the fans and the show need to move on. So to find out what's next, I caught up with Nico Tortorella, who is coming off his most powerful episode yet as Jacob finally committed his first murder and simultaneously bid adieu to his partner in crime.

ETonline: We saw an unexpectedly emotional side of Jacob last week with his mother. Do you think he feels broken at that moment?

Nico Tortorella: Yeah, he's definitely broken. But that moment with his mother kind of shows you who Jacob is. The script was so beautiful in the way those pieces came together, especially with Paul being there.

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ETonline: It was painfully poetic that Jacob's first kill ended up being Paul. What did think about that?

Tortorella: That kill was so unlike anything that's ever happened on the show to this point because it was based in love. It was a mercy killing. As you saw, he definitely owed Paul and as horrible as it sounds, it was kind of the most beautiful death yet because it came from such a place of deep love.

ETonline: In the world of Joe Carroll's following, does that kind of kill count towards membership?

Tortorella: If anything, it counts more than killing for fun because it was more of a grown up kill. At this point Jacob has blood on his hands and nothing is going to stop him.

ETonline: The episode ended with Jacob and Emma's reunion. How does he feel towards her after everything that's happened?

Tortorella: He feels betrayed. 100 percent. She told them nothing about where she was going, what she was doing and she had every opportunity to return his calls. The second she found Joe, it was like she forgot about us because Joe is number one in her world. Now he's out for revenge.

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ETonline: I was wondering why Jacob would return since he had the perfect way out. Did he come back specifically for revenge?

Tortorella: I feel like he finally understands that his mission is to follow Joe Carroll and complete his duty. He sees the bigger picture now. It's not about coming back and destroying Emma, it's about coming back to become a man.

ETonline: Emma has struggled with Roderick. What's Jacob's relationship with him like?

Tortorella: He totally understands that Roderick is Joe's number two. But at the same time, they're two strong-willed men who follow Joe Carroll, so there's bound to be tension.

ETonline: What are you excited for fans to see as season one wraps up?

Tortorella: It's about Jacob coming into his own, becoming a follower and learning what it means to climb the ranks in this world. And now that Jacob's got blood on his hands, he's thirsty for more.

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