Colton Haynes: Roy Is Still An Enigma


In the comic books, Roy Harper was an integral part of Oliver Queen's story as the two end up becoming partners -- but with both his position on Team Arrow and nickname belonging to other people (Diggle and Thea, respectively) on The CW's Arrow, many are wondering what the future holds for Harper's small screen incarnation

Thankfully tomorrow's all-new episode -- titled Salvation -- not only kicks off an exciting chapter in Roy's story, but brings the red hood into the green hood's orbit for the first time! To find out what else the future holds for Roy Harper (besides kick-ass wall flips), I rang up Colton Haynes!

ETonline: First things first, congratulations on becoming a series regular!

Colton Haynes: Oh man, thanks so much -- although I guess I can't tell you they're going to kill me tomorrow, can I? That's probably not believable.

ETonline: Well, unless The CW decided to do a huge bit of misdirection, probably not.

Haynes: Right, like this is one of those "OMFG" moments Gossip Girl did when they would just lie to the fans. It would cause a ruckus, that's for sure [laughs].

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ETonline: Well, judging from the previews, Roy does get into a pretty hairy situation...

Haynes: Yes, which he seems to be really good at doing. Roy definitely thinks he's going to die in the episode, that's for sure.

ETonline: It's interesting though because we still don't know much about this version of Roy. But when you signed on, did you get any hints from the executive producers about his ultimate journey?

Haynes: Honestly, I got a call from Greg [Berlanti] out of the blue one day and he pretty much asked me to come on the show. Obviously I owe Greg and Andrew [Kreisberg] for having me on the show. I try to get spoilers and information out of them, but I think they might have an idea that's from a certain comic book that not as many people are familiar with as opposed to the Speedy or Arsenal or Red Arrow way. They're definitely keeping me in the dark because I'll spoil everything [laughs].

ETonline: So you have no idea of Roy's hood will evolve beyond the sweatshirt material?

Haynes: Well, look at how long it took Oliver on the island to learn and grow and become this thing! They're going to draw it out, whatever it is.

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ETonline: Given the show's ability to flip comic book conventions on their head, what did you make of Roy's reaction to the needle last week?

Haynes: Well, I found it to be really interesting because, one of the things Roy Harper becomes in the comics, is a drug addict. And it was interesting to set it up like that, but it could also have to do with Roy talking about his mother's drug problems. I don't know for sure, but it would be interesting if they go that route with Roy where he starts to use needles as opposed to just fearing them.

ETonline: See, because Roy is such an enigma, I didn't know whether to take that story of his mother being an addict as truth or fiction. As the actor playing him, do you get information the audience doesn't about scenes like that?

Haynes: No, a lot of it is just assumptions on my part. And you're right, Roy has lied to Thea in the past, and I don't think he's done lying to her. I think he's starting to realize there's something higher out there he can be a part of and he's not going to stop whether that means lying to the person he says he loves or lying to get his way. People are starting to think Roy has a heart, but he could just be lying.

ETonline: Whether it's a lie or not, Thea is wholeheartedly jumping into this relationship. Where does tomorrow's episode take them?

Haynes: Roy is trying to, um, take a little more from Thea than she wants to give, if you know what I mean [laughs]. That starts and then Roy gets a gun just when she's starting to let her guard down. Thea realizes that this guy might be a badass gangbanger and not the sweet guy she believes is inside. The relationship is really volatile that peaks both of their interests in different ways.

ETonline: There's been a lot of talk about The Glades, but we don't know how Roy feels about his neighborhood. Does he want to protect it, or is he only interested in protecting himself?

Haynes: Roy looks at The Glades as being a burden. This thing that's been in his life that he's trying to get out of. With the map of The Glades coming out, and everything really pointing towards The Glades, it's setting up something big; either be a standoff between The Hood and The Glades or a partnership between Oliver and Roy. If they go the druggie way, which is a possibility, I think it could cause a war between Roy and Oliver ... which could piss the fans off, but it would be interesting to play. You just never know with this show.

UPDATE: Now that you've seen the shocking episode, check out what Colton told me about Roy's next step!

ETonline: The end of the episode hinted that Roy would try to track down Arrow, what can you tease about his next step?

Haynes: Roy and Thea set off on this hunt to find who The Vigilante is. Roy's not going to stop at anything until he figures out who this guy is. Roy's has tried to save himself, his family and everyone around him so many times, but he has never had anyone save him. Thea's trying to do that, and Thea really succeeded because, unbeknownst to her, she went to The Hood for help. He's amazed there are people out there who care about him, can help him evolve and help him get out of the situation he's in. Also, people who could help Roy avenge the people who've wronged him. That's one aspect that gets brought in over the next few episodes. It's going to bring in a lot of Roy’s backstory that leads you to believe he's wanting to have his own List like The Vigilante does, and figure out how he can start checking off those names.

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