Reality TV's Next Big Star: Ryan Lochte


The first trailer for Ryan Lochte's new E! reality show What Would Ryan Lochte Do? has just been released, and in this nearly five-minute supertease, the Olympic swimmer definitely doesn't disappoint fans eagerly awaiting his well-known goofy antics.

From explaining his trademark phrase "Jeah" to displaying some questionable moves on the ladies at the bar, the show clearly captures Lochte at his most entertaining -- and also at his most emotional when it comes to talking about his close-knit family.

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Check out the video to see what happens when Lochte looks for love, and how he plans to give his fashion line "the Lochte edge" ... if only he knew what that even was.

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What Would Ryan Lochte Do? premieres Sunday, April 21, at 10 a.m. on E!