Exclusive: Jon Hamm Covers 'Rolling Stone'

Rolling Stone

Jon Hamm epitomizes Don Draper cool on the cover of April's Rolling Stone, and ET has your first look at the Mad Men star in action.

With slicked-back hair, shades and signature cigarette in hand, Hamm reprises the ad exec persona that made him famous for the feature photo, but warns that fans need not be fooled by his suave exterior and appealing depth-- it's all make believe.

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"Don is a very complicated character, and I'm a fairly complicated individual, but that's pretty much where the similarity ends," remarks Hamm in the issue, on stands Friday.

The 42-year-old star goes on to concede another similarity with his on-screen personality-- the insecurities that come hand-in-hand with being an aging actor.

"None of us are getting younger," says Hamm, likening his experience in the biz to the self-loathing Draper suffers in the popular AMC series.

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"There's a desperation there, and it ties into fear of dying and fear of becoming irrelevant and fear of losing whatever it is you have," explains Hamm. "He's managing this seismic change in the culture, trying to ride the wave, and in many ways, he's failing."

You can read more from Hamm on RollingStone.com before his issueis released on Friday. In the excerpts, the actor finally addresses recent fascination and rumors having to do with his "privates."

Mad Men premieres season six with a two-hour episode this Sunday (April 7) on AMC.

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