'Grey's Anatomy' Clip: Tension Mounts over Jo


Romantic involvement is always tricky in the workplace, especially if things don't work out ideally. Alex experiences the brunt of this on Grey's Anatomy when his love interest, Jo, begins dating another doctor. ET has your sneak peek at the upcoming episode.

Because of his involvement with Jo, Alex, played by Justin Chambers, and Jo's boyfriend, Dr. Jason Myers, have never been on the greatest of terms. Unfortunately for both of them, they have to work together, which proves problematic.

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Upon looking for Jason to discuss a work-related issue, Alex uncomfortably discovers him and Jo kissing in the conference room. He then asks Jason for a simple favor, which he stubbornly rejects.

A spell of name-calling ensues and Jason calls out Alex for prejudging him due to his affection for Jo.

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"Guess I'll be doing your job—again!" Alex says angrily after Jason gives him the cold shoulder.

Check out the tension-filled sneak peek above and watch the full episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.