'Celebrity Apprentice': Busey's Zany Rant on Art


Gary Busey is well known for being an eccentric character. Given an open forum to express his opinions on art, the longtime actor seized the opportunity to exhibit his peculiarity on Celebrity Apprentice. ET has your sneak peek.

On the upcoming episode of Apprentice, the teams are faced with the task of creating three-dimensional artwork that must be originally created by the team members themselves.

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Team Plan B decides to go right at it and make sure they have their artwork prepared well before the deadline. Actor Gary Busey goes to work on his clay face sculpture, but not without predictably expressing his very unique self.

After emphatically pounding his clay block to mold his sculpture, the Lethal Weapon actor waxes philosophical to fellow team member Lisa Rinna on art, telling her: "Art is only the search; it is not the final form."

The line, which was pulled from his character on Entourage, then becomes an anthem for Busey as he sculpts away at the clay.

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It may help the 68-year-old actor get along with his work, but the singing serves as a distraction to his fellow team members, especially the easily annoyed Stephen Baldwin, who shakes his head in disgust as Busey belts his heart out on art.

Check out the video above for a sneak peek at Busey singing as well as Trace Adkins pouting about his team transfer.

Celebrity Apprentice
airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on NBC.