Jacoby Jones' 'DWTS' Partner Praises His Backside

Jacoby Jones' 'DWTS' Partner Praises His Backside

As a professional football player, Jacoby Jones maintains a very fit, muscular figure that gives him an edge as he dances away on this season of Dancing with the Stars. According to his partner, Karina Smirnoff, one of his muscular body parts also gives him an edge with the ladies.

"He's got the coolest butt ever," Smirnoff said after impersonating Jones' joking dancer's posture. "I told him it needs to have its own Twitter handle. We need to name the booty. ...His butt is incredible."

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Jones expectedly wasn't thrilled that Smirnoff was rambling on about his backside to ET, but was a good sport despite her insistence on nicknaming and making a Twitter handle for the Super Bowl winner's derrière.

Although Jones didn't appreciate his partner focusing on his rear, he attested to their chemistry on the dance floor, which will come in handy as they take on the rumba on tonight's prom-themed show.

The prom theme brought back some fun memories (and fun facts) for Jones, who recalled going to the dance without a date and being decked out in a matching headband and vest. The wide receiver, who is now 6'2", also recounted being a mere 5'7" in his senior year of high school.

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Jones and Smirnoff achieved a combined score of 43 (out of 60) last week, which secured them a position in the top tier of the leader board. However, the triumphs of last week were vastly overshadowed by the withdrawal of Dorothy Hamill due to injury.

"It is a hard competition and things happen," Jones said of Hamill's departure. "I do wish her the best for her and a fast recovery, though."

"It's not like we lost her because she got voted off. She made a decision that was better for her health. ...It's a lesson for all of us," Smirnoff added. "...We feel like she kind of left but she's going to be back anyway."

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As his partner mentioned, Jones understands what it's like to dance amid injury, as he recently underwent minor knee surgery after his Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl.

Watch the full video above to see Jones and Smirnoff impersonate each other and check out their prom-themed rumba tonight on Dancing with the Stars at 8 p.m. on ABC.