D.L. Hughley Taking 'DWTS' Criticism Personally

D.L. Hughley Taking 'DWTS' Criticism Personally

Comedian D.L. Hughley has received plenty of criticism from the judges to accompany his low scores on Dancing with the Stars so far. While some are able to deflect the sometimes harsh comments, Hughley revealed that he's taking it all very personally and gave his blunt opinions to ET after Monday's show.

The fundamental spectacle of Dancing with the Stars is witnessing celebrities, who are not professional dancers, jiggle and jive in the ballroom. As we find out every season, some have the moves in them and others don't.

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Now into the third week of Season 16, D.L. Hughley has been picked on repeatedly by the judges for his dancing skills and has hovered at the bottom of the leader board as a result. Although judging is part of the show, he feels the criticism is excessive and partially unwarranted.

"I think it's ridiculous to judge a cat that's never danced before. It's silly to me, and now it's starting to feel personal," Hughley said after earning the second-lowest score on the night.

While Hughley directed his comments towards all of the judges, he put the spotlight on Dancing's notoriously callous judge, Len Goodman, who has degraded him for his dancing abilities.

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"I think [Len's] a bully. I do," the 50-year-old comedian said. "There's no pretense. ... I'm not hot-headed. I'm being sober and real about it: I think he's a bit of a bully. ... I didn't come here to be a dance star; I came here to have a good time. I came here so [they] could help me get better."

Hughley's partner, Cheryl Burke, who has been a professional dancer on the show for fifteen seasons, has experienced her fair share of criticism in the world of dance and occasionally on Dancing, so she is sympathetic to his woes.

"I think it's hard to not have constructive criticism," Burke said. "...At the end of the day, we're not on 'American Idol.' He's not doing what he does [for a living]. He is...the definition of what this show is all about: Not having any dance experience and coming on the show and learning how to dance."

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The 28-year-old professional dancer emphasized her empathy for her partner due to the amount of work that he puts into his dances while still upholding his career as a comedian.

"It's hard because if we didn't work seven days a week on this show then [it would be] fine...but he's also working his other job on top of us traveling and then putting in five, ten hours of rehearsal," she added. "...You have to dedicate this much time and then when you do and you get that type of feedback, it's hard."

Despite being denigrated by the judges and receiving the lowest scores last week, Hughley managed to escape the Bottom Two. We'll find out tonight if he can continue on the show despite his second-lowest score this week.

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