Clip: Woman Dedicates Her Life to Meeting Celebs

Clip: Woman Dedicates Her Life to Meeting Celebs

Some people aspire to meet their favorite celebrity one day and perhaps get an autograph or take a photo with them. However, for one woman, meeting celebrities is something that she literally cannot live without.

It's usually a pleasure and privilege to meet a star or merely share the same space as them, but one woman has taken it to a completely different level. She doesn't just aspire to meet celebs, she dedicates her life to it.

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"Celebrity spotting is the most important thing to me," she says in the featured clip. "It's more important than having a boyfriend, than going to work, than doing anything."

Although she has a full-time job as a bartender, she spends nearly eight hour per day hunting down celebrities off the streets so she can have a picture with them and get their autograph.

With 10,000 photos and counting of her and various celebrities from Pat Sajack to Angelina Jolie, she is obsessed with meeting as many celebrities as she possibly can in her lifetime.

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"Me getting another photo with somebody, that's me achieving," she says. "That makes me feel good."

Check out the sneak peek above and watch the full episode of My Crazy Obsession tomorrow at 10 p.m. on TLC.