Exclusive: 'Men At Work' Season 2 Premiere

Exclusive: 'Men At Work' Season 2 Premiere

They are men. And they work. More specifically, during Season 1 viewers fell in love with the motley crew of characters that make up the entertaining cast of the TBS original comedy Men At Work. And for those of you who have been waiting patiently for Season 2, well hold onto your hard hats because ET has an exclusive clip from their premiere episode.

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The show centers around four 20-30 something men who all work for the entertainment rag, Full Steam Magazine and stars That 70’s Show’s Danny Masterson, Michael Cassidy, James Lesure and Adam Busch who play Milo, Tyler, Gibbs, and Neal, consecutively.

If we had to break it down, you’ve got the cool guy, the idealist, the ladies man, and the nerd – a carousel of characters that evolve around the ebb and flow of balancing love, life and of course, work.

In Season 1, we are introduced to a lovesick puppy played by Milo who just got dumped by his girlfriend. He spends the rest of the season digging him self out of his love slump and into the arms of other women. Neal is the only one in a committed relationship and deals with learning how to navigate it while often getting the often misguided advice of his buddies. And then you have Tyler and Gibbs, who are often found tag teaming as the guys who have plenty of luck with the ladies. Tyler’s discontent comes from his passion to be a serious writer trapped spewing the latest celebrity gossip.

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In this exclusive clip, Gibbs experiences a different side of the always seemingly self-conscious Neal. While driving to a family engagement Neal reveals he is a master of the road and Gibbs tries to give Neal a boost of confidence by complimenting his domineering driving tactics.

Also in this episode, titled 'Missed Connections,' Tyler comes up with an ingenious plan to 'create' the perfect woman for Milo and help him find an offline love…online. But to find out how that all plays out, make sure to check your local listings and tune into TBS tonight at 10/9C for the Season premiere.