First Look at the New Series 'Bet On Your Baby'

First Look at the New Series 'Bet On Your Baby'

Every parent would like to think that they know their child like the back of their hand, but Bet On Your Baby makes them put their money where their mouth is. ET has your first look at clips from the upcoming show.

The fun new family series, which is hosted by actress and comedienne Melissa Peterman, makes parents bet on whether their child will be able to perform a task while they are not in the room with them.

As we see in the clips above, Bet On Your Baby is set for plenty of laughs with the adorable toddlers in the spotlight.

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"It's just very fun and it's got a mixture of a lot of elements that I think are really a great family show," Peterman said of the show. "It's sort of got a 'Kids Say the Darndest Things' sort of feel 'cause we get to interact with [the children]."

The parents of the toddlers, who are two to three and a half years old, are betting for a chance to win money for their children, not themselves. The five families in each episode are competing for an opportunity to win $50,000 towards their child's college education.

With the pressure on the parents to correctly guess their child's anticipated behavior, Peterman, who plays a young grandmother of a baby in the ABC Family series Baby Daddy, said most of the show's entertainment emanates from them.

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"I think the most fun is watching...the parents'...parenting style," the Singing Bee host said. "It's like herding cats. It's trying to actually get your two-year-old to do what you said, and now there's a time limit but [the child] doesn't know that. [It's] very unpredictable."

In addition to the toddlers keeping the audience on the edge of their seats during the challenges, Peterman also interacts with them in comical improvisational segments.

"I get to do a little improv with the kids, which is my favorite thing," the 41-year-old comedienne said. "You have to roll a camera and just talk to a two-and-a-half-year-old because it's comedy gold; it's wonderful. ... It's a very family-friendly show and I was very proud of it. It turned out even better than I thought it could be."

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Check out a sneak peek at the first few episodes of Bet On Your Baby in the video above, and watch the new series when it premieres on April 13 on ABC.