'Laughs & Tears' on 'Hot in Cleveland' Reunion

'Laughs & Tears' on 'Hot in Cleveland' Reunion

The cast of the classic '70s series The Mary Tyler Moore Show came together yesterday at the same studio where the show was originally filmed to announce their special reunion on TV Land's Hot in Cleveland. ET's Brooke Anderson was at the press conference and also spoke exclusively to three Hot in Cleveland stars about working on the upcoming episode.

When asked whether reuniting on the set has brought more laughter or tears, Harper said there's definitely been a lot of both. "I would say laughter. But then the tears come up, and they're part of the laughter," she said. "The remembrances and the stories, it's been wonderful, it's been so full of life and joy and love and fun!"

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Mary Tyler Moore, 76, said the reunion made her feel nostalgic for the old days on the show, but also brought up much deeper emotions. "It's wonderful -- but it makes me sad too. It makes me feel like, why don't I have this in my current life, where are all these friends, buddies, and co-workers, and people who loved each other. Why can't they be around. Or maybe they can," she said.

The Hot in Cleveland episode will be the first time the five ladies have acted on TV together since The Mary Tyler Moore Show finale aired in 1977. The premise is that Elka (Betty White) and Mamie Sue (Georgia Engel) reunite with old friends Diane (Moore), Peg (Cloris Leachman) and Angie (Harper) to bring back their bowling team, GLOB (The Gorgeous Ladies of Bowling).

Brooke also spoke with Hot in Cleveland stars Wendie Malick, Valerie Bertinelli and Jane Leeves about the special reunion show. "These are the women we all grew up watching and now, they are sitting in our living room, and it's crazy," Malick said. "Sureal," said Bertinelli. "It's like they were never apart. Rehearsal just shut down after a while because they were sitting around after a scene and they just kept joshing," she added.

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Watch the video for more from the show's current actors, as well as the classic TV stars on how the reunion came about and to also get an update from Harper on how she's dealing with her terminal brain cancer.

Hot in Cleveland returns to TV Land for its summer season with a special live episode on Wednesday, June 19 at 10 p.m. and the special Mary Tyler Moore Show reunion episode is set to air September 4.

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